Berg - the Dolce Vita wellness range

Constant development of Dolce Vita's wellness offers is a matter of course as we simply want to spoil you with the best of everything - just for you. Let us surprise you with seductive offers which you will only find in Dolce Vita Hotels.

BERG recreation

  • Foot bath
  • foot massage
  • alpine rose stamp massage
  • Let go and enjoy – how pleasant – especially for active feet!
50 min. 65,00 €

BERG care

  • Manicure with apricots hand massage
  • apricots body care package
  • prevention and indulgence, from head to toe
  • This is a combination of the intense apricot care package in the floating lounger with our Berg manicure with apricot extracts
  • BERG intensive care - fruity & soft.
80 min. 84,00 €

BERG experience

  • Vinschgau marble peeling
  • Edelweiss bath
  • Edelweiss body care
  • facial and head massage
  • Grown up above, very rare and vigorous – for a firm skin!
80 min. 88,00 €

BERG vitalising

  • Vinschgau mountain arnica clay package
  • sports massage with arnica oil – provides unknown energies – naturally activated and deeply relaxed!
80 min. 88,00 €

BERG secret

  • Juniper bath
  • Vinschgau special herbal stamps. A new experience – uniquely combined with a long-lasting inner and outer effect.
80 min. 88,00 €

The new BERG Alpine Rose facial treatment for HIM and HER!

Taking use of the raw products of Mother Nature processed into noble wellbeing products for you!
This moisturising BERG facial treatment is an effective facial care for all skin types and all age groups. Impurities are gently removed and damaged skin is repaired. The skin becomes finer and feels extra smooth. Your radiant face will convince you!
80 min. 89,00 €