Facial care

Alpine rose moisturising mask 50 ml

Caring facial mask. The high content of essential fatty acids protects the skin from drying out and improves the protective function. Mallow and apricot extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect, calm the skin, antioxidants, vitamin E and rhododendron extract slow down the skin aging process and reduce wrinkles.

Alpine rose cleansing tonic 125 ml

Refreshing and natural facial tonic cleans the skin and refines the pores. Antioxidants slow down the skin aging process, repair skin damages, reduce wrinkles and revitalise and tonify the skin.

Edelweiss Eye Cream 15 ml

Intense, rich and firming nutrient cream from the sensitive eye area. The effect of this eye cream can be seen and felt. It counters wrinkles around the eyes and provides a radiant complexion. By adding almond blossoms, the skin around the eyes is also enriched with moisture, and protected.